Day Portfolio

2016-06-10: Katoomba – the Third Sister and the Jamison Valley.

IMG_3269dpp ps2016-06-30: Audley Weir – “The Old Boat Shed”

2016-07-24 Sydney Observatory Building
2016-07-24: Sydney Observatory Building Entrance, shortly after sunset
2016-07-24 Observatory Hill Tree & Tower
2016-07-24: Sydney Observatory “Park View Shadows”.
2016-06-30 Row of Boats - Audley
2016-06-30: ¬†Audley Weir Boat Shed – “Row of Boats”.
2013-04-08 Batemans Bay - Bridge in Late Afternoon 1
2013-04-08: Batemans Bay – “The Bridge and the Boat”.
2013-04-06 Mt Stromlo Satellite Laser Ranging Observatory
2013-04-06: Mt Stromlo “Satellite Laser Ranging Observatory”
2016-02-05 Harbour Bridge with Yacht
2016-02-05: Sydney Harbour Bridge With Yacht
2015-09-15 Sandon Beach Fisherman
2015-09-15: Sandon Beach “Fishing the Shallows”.
2015-06-30 Sandon Point Man & Boy
2015-06-30 Sandon Point “A Man, A Boy and A Bird”.
2014-06-26 Wentworth Park Fig Tree Walk
2014-06-26: Wentworth Park, “Fig Tree Walk”
2014-03-25 Burrill Lake Rocks & Rainbow 1
2014-03-25: Burrill Lake, “Rainbow on the Rocks”.

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