Lake Burragorang

Views from Burragorang Lookout, which overlooks the lake which forms  the major part of Sydney’s water supply.

When this image was taken (21st November 2017) the dam downstream at Warragamba was around 86% capacity.

2017-11-21 Lake Burragorang Peninsula
One of many peninsulas which border the Lake and give an indication of the water capacity.
2017-11-21 Burragorang Escarpment
The steep and rocky escarpment which forms one side of the Burragorang Valley.
2017-11-21 Lake Burragorang Peninsulas
Peninsulas around the lake almost look like tropical paradise – except it is off limits to the public.
2017-11-21 Lake Burragorang Inlet 2
A lake inlet.
2017-11-21 Lake Burragorang Inlet 1
A larger inlet.
2017-11-21 Burragorang Blue Mountains
A view of the Blue Mountains on a hazy day.


Image © R.Powell



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