Waiting For Twilight

Astronomy is one of my passions. Spending an evening in a dark, cold, damp field under the Southern Milky Way with good friends and our telescopes is my idea of a great night out!

I show my modest astro-photographs over on Cosmic Focus, so the images on this post are about the environment of the observing field whilst waiting for twilight. They were taken over several years.

Macarthur Astronomical Society (MAS) calls the observing field “Stargard”, after the birthplace of Christian Carl Ludwig Rümker (1788-1862), a pioneering astronomer in Australia. He was born in Stargard, Burg, Germany and arrived in Sydney in 1821 to work at Parramatta observatory. He also owned a property at Picton, NSW which he called ‘Stargard’.

Situated next to The Oaks airfield, the observing field is owned by Wollondilly Shire Council and is used by both MAS and a local Pony Club.

We have also shared the field on different occasions with ponies, bats, wombats, cows, a fox, lots of pony poo, equestrian gymkhana equipment and various kinds of bird life. Not to mention mosquitoes and low flying aircraft.

2017-01-22: Stargard observing field – this time we shared the field with a flock of ducks. There is no lake or pond to attract them but they seemed to like the grass seed.
2011-04-09: An aircraft skims above the trees, after taking off from the adjacent aerodrome. It was probably the last flight out of The Oaks Airport that evening, as the airport does not operate at night.
2014-08-31: Open farmland adjacent to Stargard at The Oaks.
2013-10-26: A farmhouse at The Oaks.
2013-10-26: The farm fence.
2010-02-17: A Stargard magpie – he/she seems to have left his/her mark.
2017-01-22: Stargard – “Waiting for Twilight”.
2015-11-18 Stargard at The Oaks. The Oaks Airport is next door.
2016-04-02: Stargard – The rather modest main entry gate to Dudley Chesham Sportsground. Stargard lies beyond..
2017-01-22: Stargard – the evening shadows lengthening, with the promise of a clear night ahead.
2010-02-17: A panoramic Stargard sunset. The sky is clear and a good night for astronmers awaits.
2016-04-02: Stargard – Sunset. Pretty clouds – but please go away!
2013-02-08: Sunset at Stargard. It’s not looking too promising!
2010-05-08: The sun sets at Stargard and distant aircraft trails become visible.
2012-10-07: a tree silhouette in peach pink twilight.
2017-01-22: Stargard – four ravens were playing a game in this lovely old tree.

Thanks for looking.

You can contact Macarthur Astronomical Society at www.macastro.org.au

All images © R.Powell


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