Electrical Storms

After three years or more of chasing lightning images* and refining my technique along the way, I finally managed  a decent multiple strike composition. What surprised me was that I managed to do it during a daylight storm, where exposures were limited to no more than one second. I prefer night storms because they enable me to take longer exposures and consequently there are less images to process. The prospect of taking hundreds of images over a one hour period seemed a bit daunting.

However, I gave it a go this time and it’s just as well I did, because it was a long duration storm with hundreds of ground strikes.

2016-01-31 35xLighting Strike Images Stacked 2000
2016-01-31 35 x Lighting Strike Images Stacked


Daylight electrical Storm, SW Sydney, 30th January 2016.
Total exposure time: 32.5 seconds over a period of 27 minutes.
Number of electrical strikes captured: about 40.
Number of strikes missed: Countless.
Total number of shots: 1300.
Number of stacked images with lightning: 35.
Canon 60D, 16mm, f/18-f/22, ISO 100.

The shot below was taken a day earlier, during a night storm which consisted of many flashes but very few ground strikes:

2016-01-29 Single Lightning Bolt
2016-01-29 Single Lightning Bolt over Leumeah

Three more ground strike shots taken earlier in the year:

2015-03-11 Electrical Storm Strike 2
2015-03-11 Electrical Storm Strike-2
2015-01-24 Lightning Cloud Strike
2015-01-24 Lightning Cloud Strike
2015-01-24 Lightning Ground Strike
2015-01-24 Lightning Ground Strike

Actually, all my lightning images are taken from the safety of my home.

Electrical Storm and Aircraft Flight Patterns

Double Strike!


All images © R.Powell



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