Photos From England – 2

To complement my previous post,  Photos From England – 1, these are some images of various beautiful places in England, taken in 2001.

2001 Bridge Near Wolseley Arms Pub
2001 Bridge Near the Wolseley Arms Pub in Staffordshire
2001 Pendley Manor
2001 Pendley Manor, near Tring in Hertfordshire, where I stayed at the age of ten years
2001 Pub in Peak District
2001 The Watts Russell Arms – Pub in the Peak District
2001-09-17 Bridgewater Monuments
2001-09-17 The  Bridgewater Monument, Hertfordshire
2001-11-06 Peak District
2001-11-06 Bridge over the River Manifold at Wetton Mill Farm, Butterton, Peak District, Staffordshire.
2001-11-15 Ringshall, Herts
2001-11-15 Tennis Court at Ringshall, Herts
2001-11-21 Aldbury Ducking Pond
2001-11-21 Aldbury Ducking Pond, Hertfordshire
2001-11-21 Aldury
2001-11-21 Aldbury Stocks, Hertfordshire
2001-11-28 Rising Sun at Heathrow
2001-11-28 Rising Sun at Heathrow, West London

All images © R.Powell


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